How to Start a YouTube Channel – 4 Simple Steps

In this “How to Start a YouTube Channel” article, we will focus on Why to Start a YouTube Channel?, How to Start a YouTube Channel?, What are the pros & Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel.

Why to Start a YouTube Channel?

Before starting anything, you need to answer this question clearly that Why you are goint to start that anything in this case its a YouTube Channel. If you know clearly that Why you are gonna Start YouTube Channel then there are higher chances of getiing the success in this YouTube Channel journey. Basic purpose for starting the YouTube Channel may be to Make Money, Be Famous, Explore the YouTube Creation Process, be on platform where you can unite with the world with the community or anything else comes in your mind. But in must be clear to you that why you are starting it.

How to Start a YouTube Channel Step by Step from Scratch?

In this section we will discuss about How to Start a YouTube Channel step by step and make money.

Research on the Channel Topic

Before starting you need to think on what topic you want to focus for creating content on YouTube. Once you have clear thought of channel topic, consider Name of your channel to build it as Brand in digital world. Now you can create a YouTube Channel in 4 simple steps.

4 steps for How to Create Youtube Channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site from your Google Account.
  2. Click on the upper right side corner profile picture. Here you will get an option “Create a Channel”.
  3. Click on Create a Channel. New pannel will open for details.
  4. Fill the details as Profile Picture, Name & Handle. Press the Create Channel. Bingo your Channel is Created.

Now you can publish your videos on the YouTube Channel you created.

Upload Video on YouTube

After presing Create Channel you can find the upload video option on the screen. Simply click on upload video option & upload your first video on YouTube. This first video content should be introduction about you & your channel. It means telling the people who you are and what type of content you are going to publish for the viewers of your channel. The video you will upload it may be Shorts (less than 1 min) or horizontal full lenth video.

Before You Publish First YouTube Video

When you upload the video the page will be redirected to YouTube Studio where you need to consider following things

Title of YouTube Video

Title of the video should be short, redable & should contain the tag (It is a keyword that you gave for the dicovery of your video if you have spelled the Title incorrectly).

Thumbnail of YouTube Video

Thumbnail is what viewer will look first on YouTube. If the Thumbnail of your video is clear & attractive, which should built the curiosity inside the viewer to view your video then the chances are higher that you will succeed in the Journey of Successful YouTube Video Creation.

Description of YouTube Video

In this section you need to describe the video details briefly. You can add the Tags inside the description wisely. Don’t do tags stuffing. There is seprate section to add tags.

Tags of YouTube Video

In Tags section you can add number of tags which can be demonstated or describes your video. While starting a youtube channel there are some tools that can generate tags according to your video title.

This is Beginners guide for How to Start a YouTube Channel. If you want to read more articles click here

In following section you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about How to Start a YouTube Channel


Is it worth it to start a YouTube channel?

Yes it will boost your creativity & gain extra income.

Is it free to create a channel on YouTube?

Yes it is free to create a channel unless you don’t consider the value of time and efforts you put to create YouTube Channel.

How many subscribers do I need on YouTube to get paid?

You need to fulfil one of the criteria
1000 Subscribers + 4000 public watch hours per year
1000 Subscribers + 10M valid public short views in last 12 months.

How to make $10,000 per month on YouTube without making videos?

Apart from Ad Monetization which is basic in YouTube Money Making you can search for
Affiliate sales.
Channel memberships.
Merch (merchandise sales like t-shirts or baseball caps)
Super Chat and Super Stickers.

How much does YouTube pay for $1 million views?

Ranges form $2500 to $30000, depending upon content and viewers basis.

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