How to Save on Gas, When US Gas Prices Skyrocketing? 5 Pro Tips

Recently, skyrocketing gas prices have led to thinking about How to Save on Gas? If you drive daily for your work or needs, you should consider getting higher mileage, cash payment, reward card, grocery store reward programs, tire pressure, and many other things that will save money on gas.

How to Save on Gas

In this article, you will get the exact practical information on how to save on gas by applying certain effective methods.

Drive Less

If you really wanna save on gas you need to spend less on gas. It can be done by driving less. Unless it’s necessary try to avoid driving if you want to save on gas.

Use Cash Instead of Card

In general if you use a card payment for gas then there are some hidden charges included. Instead of that, if you pay by cash then definitely you can save some extra bucks.

Right Time to Fill Gas 

Gas temperature & density plays important roll in quantity of gas. During cold temperatures, like early morning or late night the temperature of gas remains lower which increases the density of gas, resulting in more quantity of gas compared to gas filling at higher temperatures.

Use Reward Cards & Programs

Some gas stations provide the reward cards for regular customers to provide the discount on the gas. Also grocery stores provides reward programs on gas if you purchase regularly from same grocery stores repeatedly. This can save money on gas.

Best Apps to Save on Gas

List of best apps to save on gas:

  1. GasBuddy: 25 cents off per gallon. (Fill up on these days of the week to save more: Monday)
  2. Upside: Cashback on credit card payment.
  3. Waze: To find best route with lowest gas prices.
  4. GasGuru: For simplicity.

Shorter Car Warm Ups

If car remains idle for more than one minute, it wastes gas and also generates greenhouse gases.

Drive Steady & Within Limits

Fast driving increases fuel consumption bease of drag force. Maximum mileage or economy can be achieved at 55 – 65 mph speed range. So whenever possible keep the car in that range for maximum amount of time.

Turn off Engine instead of Idling

If you are waiting then try to turn off engine rather than idling it. As keeping engine idle for longer time will consume more gas.

Reduce Weight & Wind Resistance

Remove the material from your car which is not used but has wight causing more gas consumption. Also reduce wind resistance by removing carriers and car racks which are not in use.

Avoid Gas Filling Near Highway

Gas prices are generally higher near the highway, so it’s better avoid the gas stations near highway.

Check your tires routinely

Routinely checking the tires helps to maintain the tire pressure within required limit. If tire pressure reduces by 1 psi it can lead 5 – 10% reduction in mileage. Also check the tire health regularly to avoid wear and tear damage with the help of proper alignment while check ups.

Engine Tuning

Regular engine turning will reduce gas consumption. Regular oil level checks & engine cooling checks can help in smooth performance of engine and overall health of car. Cleaning the filter will reduce gas consumption.

Reduce AC use

If you reduce the ac use whenever possible can help to get more mileage. Try to start the ac after 5 minutes of starting will reduce the sudden load on engine. Also raisng the temperature near to atmosphere will reduce the fuel consuption by reducing the power required to run the ac.

Practical Tips while Driving Car to get More Mileage

  1. Never accelerate to much when your car is descending, it reduces gas consumption.
  2. When ascending try shifting down gears when you feel the load on current gear but dont push accelerate harshly (It will consume more fuel).
  3. Try shifting to higher gears at start, as more fuel gets consumed at low gears. Because your car consumes more fuel for moving from inertia stady phase.
  4. Keep steady speeds whenever possible.
  5. Lower the Car AC utilization by maintaining temperature to higher range of 75 – 85 degree Fahrenheit.
electric car

Use Electric Cars in Sharing

Use electric cars in sharing to save more money because it costs very less compared to engine cars.

Use AI Tools to Plan for Gas

AI tools can help you to create route for your daily work or needs, which can save gas.

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