How to Make a QR Code for a Link on Any Device? 2023

QR Code technology was invented in 1994, by Japan which uses two dimensional matrix barcode. But how to make a qr code for a link on any device? Lets find out.

How to Make a QR Code for a Link Using Chrome Browser

It is very easy to create a free qr code link on any device. You need to follow the simple steps to generate a qr code from chrome browser.

qr code to download google chome
  • You need Chrome browser: Download Link or scan qr to download.
  • Open the chrome browser.
  • Insert the link in searh box & click enter to open the linked website.
  • Now, at the right end of search box click on share button.
  • Here you can see 3rd option to Create QR Code.
  • Here you will find 2 options copy & download.
  • Click on download option to download the QR code.
  • Use this QR code to share or paste somewhere to scan according to your need.

How to Make a QR Code for a Link using Microsoft Edge

By using similar steps you can make qr code for a link using Microsoft Edge.

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Copy & Paste the link of which QR code is needed.
  • Open the website by clicking enter.
  • At right side or the link box you will find the option for QR Code.
  • Click on the QR code icon to generate QR code for the same url link.
  • Download & use the code as per required.

Example: QR code generated from Microsoft Edge for Google search engine is below: Scan & See the results.

QR code generated from microsoft edge for google search engine

How to Make a QR Code on iOS

You can create a QR code for free on iPhone or iPad usirng Google Chrome App.

  • Download the Google Chrome from Apple Apps.
  • After installing copy & paste the link in search bar to get qr code.
  • Open the link & from right corner find the share option.
  • Click on share icon.
  • Click on Create QR Code.
  • Download the QR Code to use as per the requirement.

Information About The QR Code

QR Stand for

Quick Response. QR code stores the information horizontally and vertically while barcode stores the infromation only horizontally. QR code can hold hundred times more information than barcode.

QR Code Expiry

Do qr code expires? Answer is no. The qr code can be used for unlimited times if you generate it from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Patent for QR Code

Denso Wave owns the patent for QR code. Japanese company Denso Wave made it freely available to use by everyone.

Infromation Storage Capacity in QR Code

QR Code can store infromation of about 4,296 alphanumeric characters or 7,089 numbers. Usually URL’s are stored in QR Code. You can store anything like contact number, sms, email adresses or anything alphanumeric values.

Cost to Generate QR Code

QR Code can be generated Freely. Some Websites do provide the function to create qr code for free, some may required to pay.

How to Scan QR Code on iPhone?

To scan the QR Code you need to open the Camera app and capture the qr code in frame to scan the qr code. As you focus on on the qr code you will get the link data below the qr code. Click the link to open it in browser.

How to get a QR Code for Google Forms or Quiz?

Paste the google form or quiz link in chrome, open the form. Select share icon where you will get the icon to Create QR Code. Use this icon to create qr code for the google form. Now you can download the qr code and share with others.

You can take print of the QR Code to share it publically.

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