How AI can Help me In Gardening

How AI can Help me In Gardening

AI (Artificial Intellegence) plays important role in most of the problem solving techniques in this world. AI can help in gardening with wide range of suggestions. People search everything on google about gardening, but people should ask the same or more specific questions to AI to get specific answer from all over the internet. Irrespcive of wondering through all the personal opinins about gardening from web articles simply ask to any ai tool that “How AI can Help me in Gardening?”, you will definitely mesmorised by the results it shows.

This article will help you to understand use of AI for gardening.

 AI can help in crop surveillance with the help of GIS technology, AI can design robots according to specifications for pesticides applications or harvesting process. With the help of Weather Data AI can do better disease management, water management & pesticides management. AI powered machines can identify soil and crop health, suggest fertilizers application, weather prediction, which makes farmers to take the right decision at right time. 

The information available from AI can be gathered by farmer to take decision about market demand and supply, forecasting prices for their crop so that they can decide when sowing done so that profit after harvesing must be higher.

Ask AI: How to start a garden?

If you ask Google Bard about the above question you will get the specific steps to start gardening as-

      1. Location: Bard will guide about how to choose a location that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.
      2. Soil Preparation for Gardening: Soil should be loose, if heavy then add compost, organic matter, soil testing for nutrient deficiencies.
      3. Selection of Plants: According to location and soil health bard gives you specific plants you should select.
      4. Plant Seeds: Bard will give Differnent methods of Planting.
      5. Water: How to provide water for deep root growth. (Deeply & Unfrequently)
      6. Fertigation: AI can give suggestion according to consideration of above conditions which will save money.
      7. Pest & Disease Management: AI can give both natural and chemical solution to control pest & diseases.

    Soil with seeds spread from the packet: Robot hand

    Also Google Bard suggest to start small, do the research before taking action & be patient.

    When to Plant?

    If you ask above question to Google Bard it will give the information about beat time to plant accoding to the zones in which you will be going for gardening. You can simply provide the information to bard and it will guide you about when to plant so that you will get higher benefits. It suggest diffierent plants in different climate conditions; examples are

    General planting schedule for vegetables in United States

    What to Plant?

    If you ask the above quesiton the bard will give the results for current month and your location. For USA in July you can plan for planting beans, carrots, lettuce, peas, spinach, etc.

    How to care for plants?

    Bard will give the general tips on watering, sunlight, soil, fertilizers, pests and diseases. You can be specific to ask about any of the plant in your garden to get to know how you can take care of that particular plant.

    Small plant with roots and tools required for gardening

    Gardining Tips & Ideas

    You can ask about gardening tips ideas to know about right plants for your climate, right location for plants, soil preparation ideas, watering tips, how to decide fertigation schedule, tips to control pests & diseases, weed control, mulch; etc.

    Watering garden with ai robotic hand

    From my experience in gardenig, I found that AI gave me the solution for every aspect of Gardening problem. Also helps me to find the right gardening tool required for particular plant. You can ask to bard suggest tools for your plants to get exact tool recommendations.

    Examples of AI in Gardening


    Kenya developed AI tool called Lima which captures images of farms every 30 minutes and makes predictions according to climate conditions about how crop is performing relative to climatic conditions. It also helps to farmers in Kenya about whic insects can attack to farms accordingly it gives idea about decision making for insectisides and pesticides. Lima helps in logistics for transportation of material from nearby plots.

    The Chicago Botanic Garden

    To identify the helthiness & stess on plants, Sensors used to collect data which is analysed using AI that gives suggestion about how farmers can make their plants healthier.


    GrowBot is AI powered App that helps farmers about tracking the growth of plants and suggest about watering, fertilizers requirement for plants according to climate conditions.


    In India, Fyllo & Fasal are working on Crop management system according to climate and actual field data. It uses sensors to sense the moisture level, leaf index, evapotranspiration rates, water requirement, fertigation requiement, pest and disease control, degree days calculation, climate forcasting, etc that provides complete package to the farmers for better decision making.

    If you like to know more about ai then you can read this.

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