ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: Unveiling the Powerhouse of Conversational AI

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: In 21st century, the most powerful AI language models are ChatGPT and Google Bard. Both are part of Large Language Model built by OpenAI and Google simultaneously.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard Comparison


ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and released on 30th November 2022. Basically it collects the commands from the users and delivers the data to the point, accurate from all over the internet.

Before evolution of ChatGPT we need to find the relative information manually which takes much time and energy. Now because of ChatGPT lot of time and energy can be saved while searching from infinite data on the internet.

ChatGPT has its paid version.

Do you think ChatGPT better than Google? If you are looking for the answer then here it is: Yes the ChatGPT better than Google in some prospectives because it understands the nuances better than Google since it’s AI.

Google Bard

Google Bard is AI chatbot developed by Google and released on 21 March 2023. Bard is conversational chatbot like chatGPT.

Bard has access to the current data but ChatGPT has limited data with its free version. Bard is  freely available to everyone.

Lets discuss these common questions regarding ChatGPT to improve the life.

 Q. What is ChatGPT used for?

It’s Generative AI. It is a tool that used to enter the prompts and receive exact information required rather than recommending number of websites for the same.

Q. How to access ChatGPT?

Open in browser and use an email adress or gmail or outlook account.

Q. Is it safe to download ChatGPT on iPhone?

Yes, you can download it from Apple store. For Android users it’s not available.

Q. Why is it called ChatGPT?

It’s short form of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

Q. Can ChatGPT replace Google?

Though ChatGPT is better than Google, it cannot replace Google. Google has its own strenths than ChatGPT. 

Q. Is ChatGPT available for free?

Yes, right now its free. Lets see what it brings in future.

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