Beat the Heat with Fashion: Magic of Heat Wave Sunglasses Z87

During this Heat Wave of United States, beat the heat with the Fashionable Heat Wave Sunglasses. This article will guide you to beat the heat using Polarized Customizable Heat Wave Sunglasses. These sunglasses available in 14 different varieties from which you should be look for Protective Z87 Variety.

heatwave sunglasses holded with hand on beach

Its beneficial to wear sunglasses to protect eyes from UV (Ultraviolet) light.

3 Reasons you Should Wear the Sunglasses in Summer

  1. Long Exposures to sunlight can cause vision loss.
  2. Sunglasses can prevent Carcinogenic (Eye Cancer) diesease caused by UV light exposure.
  3. It can act as safety for eyes from dirt, pollutatnts.

What are heat waves sunglasses?

Heat Wave Sunglasses are the sunglasses made by Heat Wave Visual Brand which can help to survive in current Heat Wave scenario in United States. This Heat Wave Sunglasse is owned by two individuals Justin Hertel, and Doug Karlson. It has started in 2012, which create an original, affordable and customizable sunglasses platform.

Who makes heat wave sunglasses?

Owned by two individuals Justin Hertel, and Doug Karlson.

Where is heat wave sunglasses located?

Address: 8840 Forest St. Gilroy, CA 95020 Located in California, USA.

What are heatwave sunglasses made of?

These are made from lightweight but durable Polycarbonate Materials.

Are heatwave sunglasses safety approved?

All the Heatwave sunglasses are currently safety approved with ANSI Z87 Certified.

Are heat waves sunglasses OSHA approved?

 Yea they are OSHA-approved (classic Heat Wave Vise Z87) and awarded as Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Men.

How long does it take to get heatwave glasses?

It can be delivered within one day if you order from amazon prime membership, otherwise may take 4-5 days to deliver.

What does Z87 means on sunglasses?

It means it has passed the safety impact test known as ANSI Standard Z87.

Where to Buy Heat Wave Sunglasses?

You can buy it from official webiste Heatwave or Amazon.

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